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Name Numbers

Some calculations require a birth name only (such as the one seen on the birth certificate. Others are more flexible and allow for name changes. See footnotes for more details. Numbers are generally reduced to a single digit, except in the case of master numbers. (1)

There are some issues with calculating name numbers. Because the following methods are based on the Latin alphabet, names that use different alphabets may not translate well or may be translated differently depending on how the name is transliterated. (2) (3)

Heart’s Desire

Also known as “soul’s urge” the heart’s desire is the total of all vowels in a name. (4) (5)


Personality is calculated by totaling all the consonants in a name. (4) (5)


Destiny is calculated by totaling all letters in name. (4) (6)

Inclusion Table

The inclusion totals the amount each number (1-9) shows up in a name. As this is a count, numbers are not reduced. The total of all numbers should equal the total amount of letters in the name. (7) (8)

Planes of Expression

In Planes of Expression, totals of each number are taken from the inclusion table and divided amongst the following four sections.


The mental plane is a total of all 1’s and 8’s in the name. (2)


The physical plane is a total of all 4’s and 5’s in the name. (2)


The emotional plane is a total of all 2’s, 3’s and 8’s in the name. (2)


The intuitive plane is a total of all 7’s and 9’s in the name. (2)



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