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Welcome to Percepress!

I'm in the process of creating a new theme for the site, so if it looks more of a hot mess than usual, that is why. When I'm not working on it, it will be under the default theme. Otherwise, things may look out of place.

Percepress is a wiki born out of a personal project designed to detail all the subjects in and around the topic of astrology. As such, the goal of this wiki is to gather all as much relevant technical and symbolic information as possible about astrology and serve as a thorough reference for practitioners and researchers looking to deepen and broaden their knowledge this subject.

Though astrology will remain at the center of this project, this discipline's deep time and wide cultural reach necessitates that it include a large number of articles on a variety of related content. The plan is to start with articles on technical and symbolic components of western astrology, along with those of tarot and numerology. Then, it will cover the history of western astrology. Next, it will cover techniques, symbols and history of other schools of astrology, from Chinese, Indian, and Indigenous American (North, Middle and South) cultures, among others. Finally, articles on religion, cultural stories, metaphysics and influences on and from science will be included.

Though the above paragraph outlines a general flow of uploads, there are likely to be cases where the articles break out of this defined pattern. Each topic, small and large, has its own combination of history, symbols, techniques and contexts intimately and loosely linked with those of others. These cases will, therefore, require coverage of those detours in order to fully explain the topic at hand. Additionally, the above is merely a working plan of how this wiki will be approached and is likely to change and evolve as Percepress grows.

While the wiki is not currently open to user editing (that is likely change as Percepress gets larger), suggestions are certainly welcome. If you see anything that needs to be changed or added or know of any useful and credible resources, please email admin @ Otherwise, happy researching!

Wiki Topics

This space will contain factual information about astrology and related subjects. To see a list of topics go to the wiki. To see a list of existing pages, head over to the sitemap.

Personal Musings

I haven't yet decided if I will add this section here or give it its own site. I've decided, though I may choose to place it on a different site in the future.

There are some ideas and theories I have that are not yet backed by research or consensus that I would like to make publicly available for people to look into if they wish. A lot of them are connected to the topics below, which is why this section is included here. Though I have decided to include this section on the site it has its own namespace and will remain separate from the wiki.

If you would like to know what's going on with my haphazard progress on the outline below, check out the intro in this section.

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