The histories and foundations of our stories.

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This is the space where I will present research backed articles. This space will cover everything from techniques to history.

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Planned Topics

Below is a list of planned topics. Underlined links represent pages that have not yet been created. Those in pink are pages that currently exist. For a quick view of available pages, please go to the sitemap.

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History of Astrology




Zodiacal Systems

Zodiacal Divisions


Other Bodies



Essential Dignity and Debility

Timing Techniques

Accidental Dignity and Debility

Thema Mundi

Arabic Parts/Greek Lots

Numerology and Tarot are being included in this list, because they have symbolic ties to Astrology (as well as to each other).




History of Tarot

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana


Tarot Decks

Celtic Cross

Although they are their own systems, the following topics are included because they have symbolic ties to the Rider-Waite Deck. These subjects also have ties to Astrology.




I Ching

Rocks & Minerals




Many of the following topics are likely to be covered in the histories of the subjects above and are in no way exhaustive. More will be added (and possibly subtracted) as time goes on.

As this wiki is centered around astrology, the topics in this section will be discussed only as far as is necessary to explain their influence on astrology and related disciplines (and vice versa).

Culture and Religion

This is an extremely complex section that is only very broadly outlined here. There is also likely to be a lot of overlap between many of this section's topics.

Types of Religion

Cultural Traditions

Archetypes and Stories


Science, Mathematics, and Technology

Influential Figures

People included in this section are generally people who have made some measurable impact on metaphysical studies discussed in this wiki. There are, of course, many more individuals who have had an impact on the discipline, but my definition of “impact”, in this context, are people who have advanced the metaphysical subjects in some way. These “advances” include authors of notable texts, people who created or popularized important theories or practices, and those, in contemporary times especially, who have brought historical ideas back into the spotlight.

I try to include people who are often referenced in both metaphysical and academic (as it relates to the metaphysical) circles. However, there may be some figures that are included due to my own familiarity (high or cursory) with them. If I am unsure of the magnitude of their influence on the subjects they represent, an asterisk (*) will be placed by their names. As with every other section in this list, these will be corrected as I do more research.

Historical Figures

Contemporary Figures

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