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Zodiacal Correspondences

According to the Parkers

Sign Symbol Ruling Planet Positivity/Gender Element Quality Body Animals Herbs and Spices Trees Flowers Food Color Cell Salts Gemstone Metal Countries Cities
Aries 1) Ram Mars Positive/Masculine Fire Cardinal The head Sheep and Rams Capers, mustard, cayenne pepper Thorn-bearing trees, some types of fir, shrubs Honeysuckle, thistle, bryony, peppermint Onions, leeks, hops, most strong tasting foods Red Kali. Phos., Nat. Phos Diamond Iron England, France, Germany, Denmark Naples, Capua, Verona, Florence, Marseilles, Krakow, Leicester and Birmingham (UK)
Taurus 2) Bull Venus Negative/Feminine Earth Fixed The throat and neck, the thyroid gland Cattle Cloves, sorrel, spearmint Ash, cypress, vine, apple, pear, fig Rose, poppy, foxglove, daisy, primular, violet, columbine Wheat, cereals, berries, apples, pears, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, beans, most spices Pink Nat. Sulph., Calc. Sulph. Emerald Copper Ireland, Switzerland, Iran, Cyprus, the Greek Islands, Parma, Capri, Ischia Dublin, Lucerne, Mantua, Leipzig, Palermo, St. Louis
Gemini 3) The Twins Mercury Positive/Masculine Air Mutable Shoulders, arms, nerves Small birds, minah birds and parrots, butterflies, monkeys Aniseed, marjoram, caraway, balm, bittersweet [Edible] Nut bearing trees Lily of the valley, lavender, maidenhair, myrtle, fern Nuts, above ground vegetables (except cabbage), carrots Yellow, Most colors Kali. Mur., silica Agate Mercury Wales, Belgium, USA, Lower, Egypt, Sardinia, Armenia London, Plymouth (UK), Cardiff, San Francisco, Melbourne, Nuremburg, Bruges, Cordoba, Versailles
Cancer 4) Crab The Moon Negative/Feminine Water Cardinal Chest, breasts, the alimentary canal Shell covered animals Saxifrage, verbena, tarragon All trees, especially those rich in sap Acanthus, convolvulus, geranium, lily, waterlily, the white rose, white flowers in general Milk, fish, fruits and veggies with a high water content, cabbage, turnip Silver grey, silver blue, smoky grey Calc. Flour., Calc. Phos. Pearl Silver Scotland, Holland, North and West Africa, New Zealand, Paraguay, Algeria Manchester (UK), Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York, Istanbul, Stockholm, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Cadiz, Magdeburg, Berne, Tunis, Algiers
Leo 5) Lion The Sun Positive/Masculine Fire Fixed The heart, spine, back Big game, especially cats Saffron, peppermint, rosemary, rue Palm, bay, laurel, walnut, olive, citrus trees Sunflower, marigold, celandine, passion flower, yellow flowers Meat, rice, honey, crops and vines in general, vegetables with a high iron content Colors of the sun from sunrise to sunset Mag. Phos., Nat. Mur. Ruby Gold Italy, Romania, Sicily, Czechoslovakia, southern Iraq, Lebanon, South of France Rome, Prague, Bombay, Madrid, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bath, Bristol, Portsmouth, Syracuse, Damascus
Virgo 6) The Virgin Mercury Negative/Feminine Earth Mutable The nervous system, stomach, intestines Pets See Gemini Nut bearing trees (edible and inedible) All small brightly colored flowers especially blue or yellow, See Gemini Root Vegetables, See Gemini Navy blue, dark brown, green Kali. Sulph., Ferr. Phos. Sardonyx Mercury, Nickel Greece, the West Indies, Turkey, Virginia (USA state), USA, Brazil, Crete, Yugoslavia, Mesopotamia, Lower Silesia Boston, Heidelberg, Paris, Athens, Lyons, Corinth, most spas and health resorts
Libra 7) Scales Venus Positive/Masculine Air Cardinal The kidneys Lizards and other small reptiles Mint, cayenne Ash, poplar, See Taurus Larger roses, hydrangea, blue flowers in general, See Taurus Wheat, cereals, berries, apples, pears, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, beans, most spices Blue - from pale to ultramarine, pink, pale green Nat. Phos., Kali. Phos. Sapphire, jade Copper Austria, Burma, Japan, Argentina, Upper Egypt, Canada, Tibet, Indochina, some South Pacific islands Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Vienna, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Freiburg, Leeds, Nottingham
Scorpio 8) Scorpion Mars 9), Pluto 10) Negative/Feminine Water Fixed The sex organs Most insects Aloes, witch hazel, catmint, See Aries Blackthorn, bushy trees Rhododendron, geranium, See Aries See Aries Dark red, maroon Calc. Sulph., Nat. Sulph. Opal Steel, iron Morocco, Norway, the Transvaal, Algeria, Syria, Korea, Uruguay New Orleans, Washington DC, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, St John's (Newfoundland), Fez, Valencia, Liverpool, Halifax, Hull
Sagittarius 11) The archer (centaur) Jupiter Positive/Masculine Fire Mutable Hips and thighs, the liver Horses, hunted animals Sage, aniseed, balsam, balm, bilberry, borage, cinnamon, dock, mosses Lime, birch, mulberry, oak, ash, chestnut, thistle Pink flowers, carnation, dandelion Bulb veggies, grapefruit, currants, sultanas, celery, onions, leeks Dark blue, purple Silica, Kali. Mur. Topaz Tin Spain, Australia, Hungary, South Africa, Arabia, Yugoslavia Toledo, Stuttgart, Budapest, Cologne, Sheffield, Avignon, Toronton, Naples
Capricorn 12) Fishtailed goat Saturn Negative/Feminine Earth Cardinal The knees, skin, bones, teeth Goats, all cloven footed animals Hemp, comfrey, knapweed, hemlock, henbane Pine, elm, yew, willow, aspen, poplar Ivy, heartsease, amaranthus, pansy Meat, potato, barley, beet, spinach, malt, medlar, onion, quince, starchy foods Dark grey, black, dark brown Calc. Phos., Calc. Fluor. Turquoise, amethyst Silver India, Mexico, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Thrace, Albania, Saxony, Bulgaria, Lithuania, the coast of Yugoslavia, Orkney, Shetland Oxford (UK), Dehli, Mexico City, Ghent, Port Said, Brussels, Constanta, Mecklenburg, administrative centers of all capital cities
Aquarius 13) The Water bearer Saturn 14), Uranus 15) Positive/Masculine Air Fixed The shins, ankles, circulation Large flying birds Herbs and spices with sharp, unusual flavors (pepper, chillies) Fruit trees Orchid, golden rain Foods that preserve well – frozen food, apples, citrus fruits, dried fruits Turquoise Nat. Mur., Mag. Phos. Aquamarine Aluminium USSR, Sweden, Poland, Abyssinia, Israel, Iran Moscow, Salzburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Leningrad
Pisces 16) The Two Fishes Jupiter 17), Neptune 18) Negative/Feminine Water Mutable The feet Water mammals, fish Saccharim, succory, lime, mosses Willow, fig, trees growing near water Water lily, flowers blooming in Piscean colors Cucumber, pumpkin, lettuce, melon Soft sea-green Ferr. Phos., Kali. Sulph. Moonstone, bloodstone Platinum, tin Portugal, Scandinavia, many small Mediterranean islands, the Gobi and Sahara deserts Jerusalem, Warsaw, Seville, Alexandria, Santiago, de Compostella

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