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Welcome to My Personal Musings

This space is meant to be a place my personal opinions and ideas about the topics in the wiki. I'll also give updates, like this one, on the progress of the site. I am going to be a lot more casual in this space. This is because, while I still aim to be informative, “personal musings” will be more of a brain dump than anything else.

Currently, the site feels very haphazard. I have a few chicken scratch notes in the wiki, mainly because I needed to get over the hump of starting. Right now, I'm just working on tables. The rest is going to require some serious research and referencing that I don't want to get bogged down in, yet. There are also some cosmetic and structural changes I would like to do. To be fair, things look a lot better than they did, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Once I start digging into the research, I'll probably start writing more personal thoughts. I may do a few before then, but those thoughts will make much more sense on top of a foundation of research backed information. Until then, please enjoy the chaos that is the current version of this site. Overtime, it will hopefully feel a lot more organized and useful.

Octavia 2022/01/04

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